431 Main St - Route 44 New Hartford CT 06057  860-379-0000 

Frequently Asked Questions:


What are your hours?

We are now "seasonal" - closing the week before Thanksgiving and reopening in April/May (when the snow melts!) Monitor this site or our facebook page for specific dates.


Is your menu just seafood?

No...our menu is quite diverse and with the ever-changing seafood market, we are always looking for great additions to our menu that mesh with our beach theme. A little trip to San Diego and we find fish tacos and Calif-style burritos...a trip to Barbados and we discover Macaroni Pie - a version of mac'n'cheese which we feature on our special board in the late fall cooler months. An annual treat is a taste of N'Awlins with our Muffulettas - a great deli sandwich that we used to feature around Mardi Gras time but now bring you on the special board at times. Let us know if you have any suggestions - and as Deb is allergic to shellfish, she is always looking for a non-seafood special !


Do you have belly clams?

We check with our seafood vendors daily and will carry belly clams (and/or oysters!) if they are available and market prices are right. The seafood market is a difficult market made even crazier due to the Gulf oil spill and the weather. We do our best to carry our signature fried seafood because it is so popular but please trust us. We have built our reputation since 1994 on consistently fabulous seafood at fair prices and will continue to do so - we welcome any chance to save you an expensive drive to the shore.

Please give us a call if that is your only menu choice.


Is your menu just fried food?

Yet another misconception (along with our spending the winter sailing the Caribbean with Jimmy Buffett!)  Although we are known for our fried seafood, we have many other items from grilled fish dishes to a deli case full of seasonal salads. Portobello mushroom sandwiches, Jamaican jerk chicken, fish tacos, top-rated burgers and honey-lime or huli huli chicken to just name a few.